This year's Hike for Hospice is May 1 and we will be hiking in Chepstow, Hanover, Kincardine, Markdale, Meaford and Owen Sound.  The Hike for Hospice is a national day of advocacy that raises funds and awareness for hospice palliative care.  All dollars raised locally, stay local and all proceeds from our Hike sites will benefit the Residential Hospice of Grey Bruce.  Click here to learn more about our Hike locations, here to download a pledge form, or on any of the town names to print a copy of the poster for your local Hike to post online or in your shop window!  Thank you so much, and we look forward to seeing you on May 1!

hike for hospice

For almost three years the Residential Hospice of Grey Bruce has operated a six bed residential hospice temporarily located within Seasons Retirement Community in Owen Sound.  In this space we have provide compassionate and dignified end-of-life care to almost 250 patients, while supporting their families in their journey.  In the Spring of 2016 we will begin construction on a new, permanent free-standing residential hospice to be named Chapman House in recognition of the generous donation of the Chapman family toward this project.  The new community owned, community operated facility will be located at 1725 10th Street East in Owen Sound and it will continue to serve residents from Bruce and Grey.  We envision this facility as the first step in a longer term plan to improve access to end-of-life care in our region, establishing a strong foundation on which to build a model that see our Hospice supporting additional beds in other parts of Bruce-Grey.  But the future of end-of-life care starts with this new build.  In the days ahead we will be sharing more with the community about our plan.  Importantly, Chapman House will be built entirely by community donation.  We need your support to build.  Please use the links above to make your donation to our project. 


The Hike for Hospice is one of the biggest fundraisers for the Residential Hospice of Grey Bruce.  This year is the fourth Hike in which all funds raised in our region will go towards the operation of our Hospice.  We are grateful to all those who collect pledges on our behalf and join us as we walk in memory or in support of the care we are entrusted to provide.  To join us on May 1 in one of our host communities. download a copy of our pledge form and participate in any of the six hike sites across Grey and Bruce.  Pledge forms will be available the week of March 14th!

Sustainability of the Hospice is dependent on the continued support by of members of our community. Becoming a monthly donor will help us to ensure that the hospice will be available to our friends, family and neighbors for years to come. Your donation can be deducted automatically each month directly from your bank account. If you would you like to become a monthly donor you can download a preauthorized debit agreement from our website, or contact us at or 519-370-7239 and let us know and we will send you the forms. 

IMG_00000059Every donation the hospice receives helps us to provide compassionate and much needed end-of-life care to patients in Grey and Bruce.. Your thoughtful gift of even $10 to $50 helps us fulfill our mission. We thank you for any contribution you can afford to give. 

The box pictured is touching gesture and tribute to a patient who died while in our Hospice.  A family member made it in advance of a memorial service and collected donations to be directed toward the Hospice to make sure the kind of care their loved one received continues.  Donations come in all forms, each equally as important as the next.  But every once in a while they come in very special ways that keep us connected to the families we come to know.  We're taking great care in opening this box, so that we can find a way to honour the love that went in to making it and make sure that its an ongoing part of the evolution of the Hospice.. 

Did you know that donating publicly traded securities directly to the Hospice is a tax effective method of giving. By donating the shares directly, the Hospice benefits by receiving the full value of the shares. At the same time, you benefit since the disposition of the security to the charity is fully exempt from capital gains tax and you receive a charitable donation receipt for the fair market value of the share at the time of the donation. Contact us at or 519-370-7239 and we will assist you.