volunteer singing bedside"I feel I am giving back in a small way to the future of our community to provide a hospice care facility. My husband was cared for in his final days of life in our local hospital which at that time had one hospice-style room. These final days were spent together as a family of six. We all benefitted from this experience in a very meaningful and memorable way."  Marg Howard, Administrative Volunteer Coordinator

"To volunteer is a privilege, as well as a service. It is a win-win involvement of two or more parties.  One needing the opportunity to serve; the other needing that service. There is often a bonding between the two, a firm friendship which evolves from both needs. If you are finding a need in your life, volunteer....other people need you. You may not think so....but you have talents and qualities to share with others....just from life, its treasures, trials and tribulations. Try it! It lifts you up."  Wynn Platt, Volunteer

As a not-for-profit organization, the hospice relies on the dedication of volunteers. It takes a special kind of person to work in a hospice environment and the Residential Hospice of Grey Bruce is enriched by the commitment, care, compassion and generosity of the people who donate their time. The hospice offers two kinds of volunteer opportunities:

Patient volunteers work in the residential hospice, providing a variety of services. They greet people at the door, provide respite for families, chat with patients, deliver food and do light housekeeping.

Administrative Volunteers work at the hospice business office in downtown Owen Sound. They collect donations, answer the phone, give out general information about the hospice, provide administrative support and do light cleaning.

All volunteers must be screened and complete orientation. They are also required to take training sessions covering such topics as end-of-life care and death management, grief and loss, and death, dying and hospice palliative care.

Recruitment and training of volunteers is managed by the Victoria Order of Nurses (VON) Grey-Bruce Hospice Volunteer Program. If you are interested in volunteering with the Residential Hospice of Grey Bruce, please contact Mary Winkler at 519-371-5331 ext. 247 or e-mail mary.winkler@von.ca