“The care at Chapman House made Eddy feel special, loved and not alone…”

Eddy Hearns, is described by his brother-in-law, Nate, as a man with whom, “you always knew exactly where you stood.”

Eddy lived independently, simply, and humbly in a small trailer park community in Georgian Bluffs, ON.

Husband to the late Ruth Stone for thirty-five years, Eddy was dedicated to
his role with the Owen Sound Sun Times, as a Newspaper delivery person for the past thirteen years. He shared a devoted companionship with his dog, Ruby, a Shepard Sheltie Cross.

He fought his battle with cancer for sixteen years.

Eddy had a few, very close friends and family that he chose to spend his time with regularly and confide in about his care needs. He enjoyed his weekly social gatherings with the locals at small coffee shops located in Keady and Chatsworth.

Eddy was a proud man.

His friends faithfully offered care in their attempts to sustain Eddy’s desire to remain at home. When his life-limiting illness became overwhelming, Eddy trusted the mission and chose the care offered by Residential Hospice of Grey Bruce at Chapman House.

Live well, with dying.

When Eddy arrived at hospice, he was struggling. His care needs were complex, and his heart was broken. His precious furry friend for the past eight years, Ruby, had to be surrendered to Lucknow Pet Rescue.

Upon admission to Chapman House, he made his living desires abundantly clear to his care team. He wanted to live well with dying, and Eddy’s circle of care spent individual time with him to develop an understanding of those wishes and desires to ensure that happened.

Eddy lived! He thrived! He gained weight almost instantly. He eagerly participated in the local vaccine clinic to obtain his Covid-19 vaccine. He rediscovered his faith and maintained weekly visits with clergy. Lucknow Pet Rescue brought Ruby for regular visits to the House so that he and Ruby could continue to spend time with one another. Together they indulged in an unlimited amount of ice cream and enjoyed loving interactions and quiet cuddles.
“…these visits were like medicine for Eddy, and they had a calming effect on him…”

He was often found in the halls of Chapman House on his motorized scooter visiting friends and staff any chance he could. Where there was laughter, there was Eddy.

Eddy’s family shared they were consoled by their ability to visit him at any time they wanted. They felt comforted knowing that Eddy was never alone when they could not be with him and thankful for the way in which the family was kept informed of his condition.

“…visiting with Ed was so much easier to do at Chapman House.”

It was most important to Eddy that he offered his gratitude to those who were closest to him. He wanted to spend more meaningful time with them and return the love and kindness they shared with him during his life.

With the help of Residential Hospice of Grey Bruce and the Living Wish Foundation, Eddy hosted a remarkable lobster dinner at Chapman House for his closest friends and family. Sizzlin’ restaurant, Owen Sound, catered a fresh, beautifully prepared lobster meal with all the fixings. The House was alive, Eddy’s small circle of closest friends and family gathered and told stories with one another, as his guests, in celebration of Eddy and his lasting friendship.

Eddy’s story isn’t unlike others who choose Residential Hospice of Grey Bruce. Our staff cater to the unique care needs of everyone who calls our House home.

Hospice is about your journey and how you wish to live.

earting ice cream - Ruby & Eddy
Eddy & Amy's Hands