How to "Give Away" a Scheduled Shift

To give a scheduled shift away…

  1. Contact staff (casuals first likely) and ask if they can take the shift (my suggestion look at the availability calendar on the staff portal to improve your chances of success) .

  2. When you find someone to take the shift then please email (using your work email) Mr. Alex, myself, and cc the person who agreed to accept the shift.

  3. In the email state:

    • the date and the shift you are giving away (D or N)

    • to whom you are giving it to

    • if the "give away" will or will not affect your FT or PT status (minimum hours/pay)

    • if the “give away” will or will not lead to over time costs

  4. Then Mr. Alex will approve or not in an email back to everyone, and I will fill out the paperwork, so payroll understands what went on.

Thank you so much!