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Hospice Hero

Lorne Goodwill

William Lorne Goodwill born August 3, 1927 to parents Edna and Robert Goodwill. Lorne was raised on the family dairy farm where a love of farming was cultivated. Lorne was a true farm boy he did not marry until he was 43. He married the love of his life Margaret. They created a beautiful life together with 5 children and many grandchildren to say he was a proud grandfather was an understatement. In 2000 Lorne was diagnosed with ALS. Without Hospice in our area the family rallied to keep Lorne home in an environment that promoted family, calmness and nurturing. What a beautiful feeling it gave the family to keep him home. Hospice would have promoted all the family wished for Lorne’s end of life plan. As a family we recognize the value RHGB gives to families and we feel strongly in promoting Hospice care. Lorne lost his battle July 26th 2004. He was and is our hero.