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Hospice Hero

Lucille Peters

Lucille Peters was born in Three Rivers Quebec on October 9, 1920. Following the death of her mother she and her younger siblings were sent to an orphanage for a number of years. In 1930s her father moved everyone to Buffalo NY for work. During WWII she was working in Geneva NY where she met a fellow Canadian, George Peters.

Lucille and George settled in Buffalo where they raised their four children June (Cookie), Michael, Kathleen (Kate), and George. The Peters home was always the homestead for family meals and celebrations. The birthday parties and summer BBQs were legendary.

Lucille would walk holding the hands of her grans telling them to look up at the architecture, not the city streets and trash. She was always singing, and Singing in the Rain gave us all our favourite past time of puddle hopping and splashing. She was also wild: as children she would walk crossing the busy city streets saying “I’ve got white hair, they will stop for us!”.

Lucille was a grandparent and later a parent to her eldest granddaughter Sabrina Saunders who, before her death, brought her home to Canada. She died on her birthday, 2006. To have both entered and exited this life on the same day is just a hint of how special she was.

Lucille Diane Peters
October 9, 1920 – October 9, 2006