Phil McNally

Hospice Hero: The Family of Phil sponsors

November 13 in Memory of Phil McNally

The McNally, McCarthy, and Savages are happy to sponsor November 13th on behalf of our Dad and Grandpa Phil McNally’s birthday.

You always knew when Phil was in the room, called it like it was, loved music, babies, camping, family, his cats and in his day never missed a good get together. He was the first one we called for advice, help, or news either good or bad.  You never talked to him about Ford vehicles or the Township he lived in because he’d let you know his opinion on both and that was the reason he was the unofficial Mayor of Hoath Head.

Dad spent 30 hours in the care of the Chapman House staff and they were amazing. This is a small token of our appreciation of the care that Dad received and our hope is it helps another family thru an end of life journey.