Ruth Bracken

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March 4 in Memory of Ruth Bracken

March 4th is my grandmother Ruth Bracken’s birthday. She was a wonderful person who took great care of herself and others, including her late husband Gord. Living until the age of 99, she remained independent until very near the end. She only stopped driving in her late 90’s when the family convinced her that there was nothing she needed to drive for (living in Toronto). Even then, she would muse from time to time ‘I wonder if I gave up driving too early’.

A university graduate, at a time when that wasn’t a common thing for women, she was smart and eager to know and understand. As the generation gap widened between her and her grandkids and great-grandkids, she still always took great interest in everyone’s lives and hobbies. Herself a fan of crossword puzzles, golf, theatre, and martinis, amongst many other interests.

Although a healthy eater her whole life, it was widely known that ‘drink-time’ would occur promptly one hour before dinner (a tradition many others have carried on). She raised two children of her own, had 4 grandchildren, and 6 great-grandchildren. We all think of her and remember her fondly, knowing that she has helped shape who we have become.