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Ways to Donate

Recurring Donors

Having recurring donors is important to hospice because it allows us to plan our ongoing expenses. If you would like to donate on a regular basis, complete the form once and donations will come directly out of your bank or credit card. 

What is a Hospice Hero?

The Hospice Heroes giving program provides supporters an opportunity to have their recurring donation to Grey Bruce Hospice Inc. be recognized on a particular day of significance to the donor.

As you may know, the average cost for Hospice is just over $600 a day. Hospice Heroes may select one calendar day for every $600 of donation. That is $50 a month for one special day. Or be a Super Hospice Hero by sponsoring larger amounts monthly or making biweekly payments.

The Hospice Heroes Initiative has been made possible thanks to the generosity of the James Goreski Foundation.

Contact Amy McConachie, Donor Relations Coordinator, to become a Hospice Hero today!

Hospice Heroes

Click a Hospice Hero to read their story

January 10

Bill Murdoch

January 28

George & Katherine Emrich

February 2

Dave Saker

February 4

Norman Meneray

February 8

Fritz Wagner

February 9

Catharine Susan Linda Kivell

February 10

Barb Fox

February 14

Rosemary Element

February 19

George Peters

February 22

Anne Campbell

February 24

Mary Eileen Cordell

March 4

Ruth Bracken

March 18

Patricia Mary Hector

April 13

Margaret Urbshott

April 23

Ella Wagner

April 27

Paul Rowcliffe

May 15

Lydia Wisotzki

May 24

Andy Vandolder

June 18

Brian Moore

July 12

Andrew Barfoot

July 13

Emily Hobson

August 3

Lorne Goodwill

August 8

Louise Goreski

August 13

Shawn Hillis

August 20

Janet Fairbridge

September 10

James Goreski

September 11

Pam Rowcliffe

October 1

Bill Cartwright

October 1

Kip Fleming

October 9

Lucille Peters

October 28

Louis Lebel

November 1

Carolyn & Bill Pearson

November 2

Ruth McLay

November 13

Phil McNally

December 9

Carman Mooney

December 28

Bob Perkins