MAID Presentation

After our first few experiences with MAID requests coming up in our space and assessments being done here and a client leaving our facility with regards to MAID we have discovered that a lot of education and process is needed to be developed for all staff .

We did have a debriefing with the staff that was directly involved, which was helpful.

Sarah has developed a process to follow when any scenario around MAID occurs at Chapman house.

Sarah and I have met with the LIHN lead on MAID and have received some useful information to support staff that we would like to share.

Dr S. Battan has agreed to do a MAID presentation here at hospice to educate staff on the process and answer any questions or concerns we have as staff.


Please join us for this informative session

Friday March 1, 2019


Chapman House Classroom

RSVP Ann, Sarah, or Betty