Update from Becky

Dear hospice family,

There are no words imaginable to explain  the heart felt thanks my family and I feel from the generous gift we received from all of you, I feel it is time for me to share my story ...I have told a few who were there when I stopped in last Friday, but feel ready to share with all.

On December 27th I had a cancerous tumor removed from my brain, and   on Jan 29th Mark and I  started  our journey and have been in London while I have been receiving 6 weeks chemo / radiation treatments. I'm in the middle of week 5 and doing amazing well, and yesterday was told that the surgeon did an amazing job removing it all .

I  know we deal with this  type of cancer on a regular basis, but im asking you to stay positive with me ...if they can't tell me where it came from ...they can't tell me I can't fight it !!! I have gotten this far by knowing I am going to do EVERYTHING in my power to keep it at bay...and with you all on my side ...I AM going to be around  a very long time ! So once again thank you from my family. I'm so proud to be part of this amazing hospice family