Spiritual Care in February & March

Spiritual Care in February & March

Memo to All Staff and Volunteers from Kathy Underwood

It had been my hope that a new Spiritual Care Provider (Chaplain) would be in place by the end of January to assume responsibility for the Spiritual Care Program at Chapman House but this was not possible despite everyone’s hard work. New interviews are being conducted and Chapman House is represented in the interview process to ensure a ‘good fit.’

In the meantime, I have arranged for coverage so that you will have a similar level of spiritual care support for residents and their support people as follows:

Monday evenings and Friday during the day:

Stephen LaCroix:


Steve was an ordained Roman Catholic priest for 40 years until he was released from his vows in 2017. During his years in formal ministry, we worked mainly in congregations in the Grey-Bruce area. He is a Spiritual Director and member of “Spiritual Directors International” and is highly skilled in intentional listening and companioning. He knows first-hand the challenges of living with cancer and is, as Steve put it, “beginning his 11th year as an oncology outpatient.” He is married to Mollie and they live in Owen Sound.



Wednesdays during the day:

(Rev.) Sue McCullough


Many of you already know Sue as she has been providing spiritual care on Wednesdays during December and January (when the weather doesn’t get in her way). She retired after many years of ordained ministry within the Anglican Church of Canada and has made her home on the Bruce Peninsula with her husband, Dave.  She has extensive training and clinical hours in Clinical Pastoral Education which is the recognized standard for chaplaincy training in Canada in addition to her years of pastoral ministry.



What Orientation Have They Received?

Both Sue and Steve have satisfactory police checks, have signed confidentiality forms and have been approved by Alex Hector to provide spiritual care, including charting in the physical chart (not InfoAnywhere), accessing confidential information at the Hub, and acting as a full member of the healthcare team (i.e. sharing information with and receiving information from nursing and PSW staff as well as physicians, Social Workers and others). Kathy has provided each of them with a general orientation. We chose NOT to provide an in-depth orientation given the temporary nature of their work here.

I will provide consultation to both Steve and Sue during this time. You will also see me at Chapman House attending meetings, leading the February Memorial Service and a few other functions during February. My goal is to have an excellent set of policies and procedures and other information compiled for the new spiritual care provider whenever they are confirmed. I will also provide an in-depth orientation, including asking others to be involved in that orientation, for the new spiritual care provider.

You will continue to have 24/7 access to experienced chaplains through the On-Call Chaplain. They can be reached by calling switchboard at the Owen Sound hospital at 519-376-2121 at any time of day or night. In general, a chaplain will contact you within 30 minutes and be available within the hour.

Please join me in welcoming Steve and Sue to the team. Like each of you, they have big hearts and are here to serve our residents and their support people during this very vulnerable time. 

If you have any questions about anything in this memo, please be in touch with me via email or text at your convenience.


With gratitude for each of you,