Thank You Helen!

Helen Andonian Profile Pic.JPG

I want to publicly express my sincere appreciation and admiration to Helen who has gone well beyond expectations and demonstrated some exceptional leadership and organizational skills over the past few days. 


First the leadership and organizational skills- this past weekend, we experienced a lot of turnover- while caring for a full resident census, we experienced 4 departures and 3 admissions over a 2 day period. It took a total team effort to do all of the administrative work as well as room preparation as well as family/resident welcome and orientation and that team effort was outstanding! The entire weekend team should stand proud with this accomplishment. Every team needs a leader and Helen deployed her experience and organizational skills in a way that facilitated all of that work to get completed and importantly enable 3 new residents to enjoy our care and comfort. 


Second going well beyond expectations- Yesterday Helen was working a normal scheduled day shift. We experienced a late afternoon very short notice absence. Our very last minute call outs to RN staff to cover the vacancy were met with no success. Helen volunteered to stay and work a double shift if we could help her with a schedule change later in the week and if she could get a bit of rest overnight (an exception to our policy on sleeping during overnight shifts). We enabled that to happen (thanks Matt for taking the upcoming shift). As a result continuous RN coverage was maintained. This is by no means an expectation of the role but it does exemplify Helen's commitment to her colleagues and to our residents. 


Helen- I hope that I am not embarrassing you by this very public appreciation. Your leadership, teamwork, and commitment exemplify some of the characteristics that comprise what being a hospice nurse is all about. Thank you.



I want to add to what Alex has said, this is what makes Chapman House such a special place. Helen you are a gift that we truly appreciate and will never take for granted.

Thank you for your dedication and compassion.

On behalf of your board of directors.

Paul Rowcliffe