The roles and responsibilities for patient care are described below.

Manager of Resident & Family Care

The Manager of Resident & Family Care is responsible for providing direction and leadership in patient care. She leads a team of Registered Nurses and Personal Support Workers to ensure that all aspects of a patient’s goals and care plan are delivered professionally and compassionately. She also works closely with the South West Local Health Integration Network (LHIN) and other health care providers to coordinate patient and family services so that patients have support beyond pain and symptom management, in ways that contribute to their overall comfort and well-being.

Our Manager has had the opportunity to speak with these patients and their families in their homes or in the hospital. In learning about people before their arrival, and understanding their unique needs and wishes, we are better able to provide care specific to every patient and family.

RNs and RPNs

Our RNs & RPNs assess, plan, implement and evaluate bedside nursing care. As part of an interdisciplinary team, they provide a lead function in the direction and supervision of the care that patients receive. They work closely with physicians and other care providers to ensure that the plan of care meets the needs of each patient.

Their skill and contribution has become increasingly important as our hospice has begun to admit more patients, operating consistently at or near capacity. They are responsible for understanding the different types of progressive life-limiting illness that our patients may be experiencing when they arrive at the hospice. Understanding each patient’s illness helps us better manage their pain and symptoms. Whether it is cancer, a heart problem or pulmonary disease, our RNs & RPNs are able to provide comfort to patients in their last days.

Our RNs & RPNs are trained in the Fundamentals of Palliative Care and are supported when updating their Comprehensive Advanced Palliative Care Education.

Personal Support Workers

Our PSWs play a valuable and important role in caring for our patients. They consider the types of activities that are a part of our daily life and ensure our patients are able to enjoy things that bring them pleasure and comfort. They contribute to the dignity of our patients by assisting in their personal care. Our PSWs provide patients with personal hygiene support, assist with feeding, dress patients according to their needs and provide a range of other services that have a direct impact on a complete care plan.

Our PSWs play a hands-on role in residential hospice care. They are a key element of a care plan that takes into account the overall well-being of each patient.