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Spiritual Care

Spiritual care

The Hospice Chaplain

The Hospice Chaplain is a multi-faith spiritual care provider who respects and honours the faith traditions belief systems and wishes of each resident  The resident may decline the chaplain’s visits at any time. With the resident’s permission they will provide emotional support and spiritual care. They will contact the minister, pastor, rabbi, priest, imam or traditional healer when the resident already has a relationship with that person and will support them to provide spiritual care at Chapman House. The Hospice Chaplain also provides support to our staff and volunteers.

A Spiritual Care room is available for residents, families and friends to gather outside of the resident’s room. This is a small room where 2-5 people can gather for conversation and spiritual practices when there is a need for privacy. This room also has special ventilation to allow for rituals that incorporate the use of candles, smoke, incense etc.