At Chapman House, we rely on volunteers to donate thousands of heartfelt hours to take care of this hospice home, its residents and their families. We have a carefully choosen team of volunteers who undergo training specific to their roles.

Here is a sample of some of the opportunities that we are inviting you to explore:


A friendly welcoming presence who greets visitors, answers the telephone, provides directions within the hospice, assisting with signing in/out, and small administrative tasks.

Resident & Family Care

These volunteers under the supervision of nursing staff visit with the terminally ill, meet them "where they are" and assist as necessary. Specialized training is required for this position.


Provide assistance to our cook in all aspects of making and delivering meals. Assuring the residents are nourished in more ways than one. Specialized training is required for this position.


As a specialized volunteer you will load, unload, fold and store freshly laundered linens for the household residents under the supervision of our nursing staff.


Assist staff with tasks of maintaining this home inside and out. A "Jack or Jill" of all trades at times; a physically demanding role, yet immensely rewarding.


Who doesn't enjoy looking at a well kept garden in bloom? Volunteers assist with digging, planting, trimming, watering and transplanting - all with a green thumb and a warm heart.

Fundraising & Events

Fundraising is an important component of our hospice as we rely on monies raised to cover operational expenses. It takes many hands to pull off a successful fundraising event.

Bereavement Support Caller

The Bereavement Support Callers are part of the Bereavement Support Team. They make follow-up phone calls to the family members or significant others of those who died in the hospice following their loved one’s death at 1-month, 3-months, 6-months and 12-month intervals.


If you have questions regarding volunteering please contact:

Jacky Herbert, Volunteer Coordinator

519-370-7239 Ext. 111